Are you worried about drones coming to America?

Join the DroneShield community and help protect our privacy! DroneShield is a small device that alerts you to nearby drones.

Use Case: VIP/Paparazzi

Harrassment from drones used by paparazzi and other unauthorized pursuers is a growing problem around the world. DroneShield can give advanced warning by monitoring for drones paparazzi commonly use.

Use Case: Sportsman

Worried about harassment from environmental and activist groups? Carry DroneShield on your belt clip, attach to a tree stand, leave behind in the parking lot, or mount on your fishing vessel.

Use Case: Outdoor Venues

Drones can be used to illegally tape and broadcast events in outdoor venues such as sporting events and concerts. DroneShield can be used to detect and track the source of drones that may be infringing on intellectual property.

Use Case: Farmers and Producers

Harrassment from environmental and activist groups can threaten the food supply chain with loss of intellectual property, privacy, vandalism, and biosecurity. DroneShield can provide advance notice of drones commonly used by environmental and activist groups.


Are you worried about drones coming to America? Join the DroneShield community and Know What's Coming.


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