"It is clear that we have a serious potential safety problem which could cause a serious threat to life." -- Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Drones present unique threats to privacy, physical security, and public safety in a wide variety of environments including executive protection, airports and government facilities, industrial and critical infrastructure, and border patrol.


Harassment from drones used by paparazzi and other unauthorized pursuers is a growing problem around the world. DroneShield can give advanced warning by monitoring for drones paparazzi commonly use.


In 15 cases over the past two years, drones flew dangerously close to airports or passenger aircraft, including incidents in New York and Los Angeles. DroneShield protects your airport or heliport from potential collisions.


Drones are being used to smuggle contraband, cell phones, and weapons into prisons around the world. DroneShield provides advance notice of drones commonly used by smugglers.


Drones can be used to illegally tape and broadcast events in outdoor venues such as sporting events and concerts. DroneShield can be used to detect and track the source of drones that may be infringing on intellectual property.

Our drone detection and warning system accelerates the apprehension and prosecution of violators through real-time alerts and digital evidence collection.

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Our clients include executives concerned about paparazzi and harassment, corporations worried about intellectual property loss, prisons detecting contraband smuggling, airports and heliports, and US military and homeland security departments.
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